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The Most Popular Metal Table Leg Types You Should Know

Understanding all metal table leg types is quite important for those who are about to shop for some new tables. There are a lot of materials when it comes to table legs, including the infamous wooden table leg or the one made out of stones. However, the most popular choice is still the one made out of metal. Why so? Metal is the strongest, most durable material for table legs.

The Most Popular Metal Table Leg Types You Should Know

What are the Most Popular Metal Table Leg Types?

If you are now about to buy some new furniture items to the house, including some new tables, you need to know exactly the most popular metal table leg types these days. Some of them will be shown down below. Select the table leg style or type that will certainly match with the table tops and enhance the entire room’s look.

1.    A-Shape Metal Table Leg

The most well-known type for the leg is A-shape one. As the name tells you, the shape of this table leg is similar to capital A letter. It is beneficial for bigger types of table, including outdoor picnic table or dining table as the legs provide better support.

2.    Trapezoid Metal Table Leg

Trapezoid is quite a popular type for the metal table leg. It has symmetrical sides both on the left and right, making the table looks more traditional and great-looking. This is the right type for the table leg when your table has rustic, vintage or old-fashioned design.

3.    Hairpin Metal Table Leg

One of the most prominent metal table leg types is the one in hairpin shape. Hairpin shape for table leg out of metal is unique because it is thin and usually placed only in the middle. This is why this type of leg is suitable for coffee table and other types of smaller tables.

4.    X-Shape Metal Table Leg

For those who are looking for style and function at the same time, they will have to choose the X-shape metal table leg. This kind of style is the best for the aesthetic value of the table as it gives the best-looking X sign on the left and right side of the table. This legs are mostly applied to shorter table, like the one in the garden or in the patio.

5.    U-Shape Metal Table Leg

The last item here is U-shape table leg. This is one of the most sold-out metal table leg types all around the world. It supports the table top better and it has a bar across the bottom. It makes the appearance even better. This U-shape table leg is often found in modern tables.

The Most Popular Metal Table Leg Types You Should Know

Those are the most popular selections when it comes to table leg. Of course, there are a lot more of them, including the custom ones. However, those are the most popular ones and you can certainly choose one of them with ease at the furniture store. Choosing metal is beneficial as it will last for decades. That is why you have to understand the metal table leg types above.
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